Math And Physics Club - Long Drag (Matinee Recordings) 
Math And Physics Club - Long Drag

Release Date: 30th July

I've been doing this ol' blog thing for a while now I've started to notice a few trends. One of those trends is that things tend to come in batches; first it was Bristol based bands, then it was the turn of the North-East of England, I then received a small gaggle of Scandinavian new music and now, well, now I splashing around in a gentle tidal wave of American bands playing beautiful indie-pop of various guises. The latest ripple on the water has been caused by Seattle's Math and Physics Club and what a ripple it is?! This is the band's first release in over 3 years but 'Long Drag' is well worth the wait and for those who don't already know the band, this is a great point to dive straight in. A punchy bassline, B52s guitars, crisp handclaps and a subdued vocal performance make for a wonderfully understated yet superbly poppy indie smash in the making. This has Teenage Fanclub or Belle & Sebastian written all over it but with the added punch that the American's seem to be able to give this kind of music, a la Pavement or Grandaddy. Not only that, you can get this slice of aural beauty on a coke bottle green 7" for just $5. You'd be a fool not to!

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