Is Tropical - Lover's Cave ([Pias]/Kitsune)
Release Date: 26th August 2013
I'm always a little sceptical of bands that are more known for their 'outrageous' videos  than their music (check them out on Vimeo as Youtube banned them for being too saucy). I'm even more sceptical of bands whose members are all known by symbols ( & ∞ according to facebook,  is the drummer). But let's not judge, eh? Prince was a bit mental and we all love him, right? Londoners Is Tropical, are a trio of indie noizeniks that inhabit the same circle of the Venn diagram as Swim Deep or the bit where pop and Dinosaur Jr crossover. 'Lover's Cave' is the second single taken from their latest album 'I'm Leaving' and it has a dream like quality to it with buzzsaw guitars, minimalist drums and a melody that wrestles to be heard but it is definitely there. There is a summery charm to the song that is undeniable but the recorded version doesn't quite hit the heights you might hope for. Then again, maybe that was intentional as it was apparently inspired by a story of a young couple who went for a roll around in the sand in a beach cave only to be swept out to sea and killed. Not the petit mort they would have been hoping for I'd warant.
Live Dates:
1st August - Arenal Sound, Burriana, Spain
23rd August - Reading Festival
24th August - Leeds Festival
25th August - Rock en Seine, Paris  
6th September - Bestival, Isle of Wight
7th September - Berlin Festival