Groom - Sons & Daughters EP (Popical Island) 
Groom - Brothers & Sisters

Release Date: 27th July 2013

I used to be in a band. I'm not saying that to make myself sound big or clever but it's to pre-empt any "you try and do better " comments in reaction to this review - I've tried and, in some cases, we did do better. I'm not saying Groom is necessarily one of those cases but it comes pretty darn close. This Dublin four piece are ploughing an indie-pop furrow that flirts with the lackadaisical (Lemonheads), the whimsical (Divine Comedy) and indie-lite (The Thrills). The problem for me is that this EP seems rushed, under rehearsed, poorly recorded and just generally poorly thought out. As a song, 'Brothers & Sisters' just doesn't feel like it can be arsed and 'Fishing' has some more life about it but sounds like the Zutons suffering from writers block and a particularly bad hangover. 'Wet Thursday' has one of those annoying melodies that feels like it was written by a 12 year old while 'Love, Death and Bandaged Heads' would love to be Belle & Sebastian but just hasn't got the balls - which is saying something. I was going to write that these guys have some good ideas that a bit more gigging and rehearsing would help to improve but then I read that they have already released 3 albums so I just don't know where they ought to go from here. Hey, if they're enjoying themselves and not doing anyone any harm then they can carry on as far as I'm concerned but I won't be coming be for any more. I'm sure they're not that bothered.

Live dates:

27th July - Siteation, Dublin