Genna Marabese - The Birthday Party EP 
Genna Marabese - The Birthday Party EP

Release Date: 5th August 2013

What do you get if you mix Kate Bush at her most sultry, Muse doing a piano based song (let's say 'Survival' for the sake of argument) and the children's song 'Run Rabbit Run'? Essentially, what you get is the opening track to this EP, 'Deal With The Devil'. It's a curious mix that stands up to a few listens and has a great piano hook going on but I feel like it never quite kicks in to top gear which is always slightly annoying. Genna Marabese has one of those voices that is full of personality and gives you the impression that she's lived some life rather than just doing her vocal exercises every day. Don't get me wrong, I love a voice with personality and nothing shows off her personality better than the sneering, Patti Smith-esque 'The Birthday Party'. 'Geli Raubal' is dripping with Bowie-like melodies and all the pomp-pop of Ziggy et al with stomping piano, rolling bass and a wailing guitar that just won't quit. Final track, the dubiously titled 'Date Rape' is perhaps the most direct tune on this collection with the energy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Goldfrapp as the dark, dancy beats drive the incessant bass line and relentless piano forward, ever forward in to oblivion. Marabese's voice is full of emotion, attitude and raw power - a combination that only serves to convince me that she must be a sight to behold on stage (nobody sings with that much passion without having the performance to back it up).

Live Dates:

1st August - The Water Rats, London