Charity Children - Empty Vicious Nights (Monkey Records) 
Charity Children - Empty Vicious Nights

A pair of Kiwi buskers rock up in Berlin to make a name for themselves on the German Indie scene. You're thinking what I'm thinking aren't you? Flight of Das Conchords? Ja? Nein. It is, in fact, Charity Children - a pair of indie-folk musicians who have built up a huge reputation on the busking circuit before graduating to the live scene. This new single, 'Empty Vicious Nights', is a slice of up-tempo, minor key folk-pop that could easily be PJ Harvey singing with Van Morrison orchestrating the music. The tune builds so gently that you don't even notice it but, by the end, the layers combine to create a sense of spirit, attitude and sneer that I find infectious. My only criticism is that the vocal melody can get a bit repetitive but it's a catchy melody with engaging lyrics so it's a minor criticism at most. This is proof positive, however, that artists that spend days, weeks and months just playing their music will undoubtedly come up with good quality songs that have something original shining in the middle of them.

Live Dates:

11th July - Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin