Athletes In Paris - S U Z I E (The Animal Farm) 
Athletes In Paris - Suzie

Release Date: 8th July 2013

I really, really, really want to find fault with these guys. It's nothing personal, they seem like decent lads but they're just so impossibly chipper all the time. I mean, the only other acts out there at the moment making happy music are either too young to notice what a shocking state the world is in or have just received a big fat check from Simon Cowell's private bank. They're a bit like that friend that we all have who thinks everything is amazing and is always fantastic. Ugh....Anyway, needless to say, 'S U Z I E' is a superb piece of lyrical indie pop that has an infectious melody, a great chorus and, as if you needed any more, a video featuring lady zombies with killer dance moves. There are elements of the Police, a smidgen of early Blink 182 and a nod to the poppier end of Britpop as well as killer vocal harmonies and guitar hooks that any X Factor reject who 'wants to be taken seriously' would actually kill for. With a hammer. Athletes In Paris would probably be happy about that too. Bastards.

Live Dates:

6th July - AAA, Archangel Kensington, London (Single Launch supported by Amy Holford)