Allusondrugs - Plasters (Clue Records) 
Allusondrugs - Plasters

Release Date: 19th August

There have been times in my life when I've seen a girl in a record shop wearing a t-shirt of an obscure band that I thought only I loved and buying the back catalogue of a band that I assumed I'd imagined (the example I can remember being a girl in a Veruca Salt t-shirt buying two Shihad CDs). At those times, my innate shyness has prevented me from proposing marriage there and then but I feel it would have gone badly anyhow. Allusondrugs are the musical equivalent of those girls - a band that I instantly and inexplicably love even though most of my friends won't get it at all and I'll have to go to the gigs alone just because I have to be there. This debut single from the Castleford quintet is, on first listen, utterly perplexing. On one level it's straight up rock, on another level it's shoegaze indie, between those two levels it's a grunge ballad and every now and again there are some experimental, almost Jazz like temptations peeking through. The fact that this music that can't be easily pigeon holed is hugely welcome and refreshing but, like I said, makes me a little wary of being a overly affectionate at first glance (keep your cool Monger) but then the song ends with just a few, ponderous guitar notes and the girl is gone, the moment has passed, the doors have slid (slided? slidded? the doors have moved, OK? Like in that film?! Yeah, that one). B-side 'Chemical On' is a huge, doomy sounding slice of riff-rock that builds and builds in to a crescendo of biblical proportions before breaking in to a funky, tight little guitar riff that Biffy Clyro would kill for and Reuben used to excel in. For anyone interested in the darker, heavier and more intricate areas of music then I urge you to check out Allusondrugs - you have plenty of chances, just check out that gig list below. For those of you who were girls in the late 90s with a penchant for Veruca Salt and Shihad then don't get in touch, the moment's passed and I've moved on. You had your chance......bitch.

Live Dates:
9th August - The Hop, Wakefield w/ Hawk Eyes, Blacklisters and These Monsters
16th August - The Black Bull, Castleford
17th August - Secret Location, Leeds
30th August - The Black Bull, Castleford
31st August - The Packhorse, Leeds w/NARCS
6th September - The Hop, Wakefield w/ That Fucking Tank
7th September - Bullfest, Castleford
13th September - The Black Bull, Castleford
23rd September - The Library, Leeds
11th October - The Black Bull, Castleford
26th October - OXJAM FESTIVAL @ Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
1st November - The Black Bull, Castleford

30th November - Escobar, Leeds


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