Wax Futures - Breadcrumbs (Wolftown DIY) 
Wax Futures - Breadcrumbs

I love it when I get emails from bands saying "you reviewed our mates so will you review us?". It makes about as much sense as approaching a girl in a bar and asking her if she fancies a bunk up based on the fact that she's already done the nasty with your best mate. However, as much as that chat-up technique sound ridiculous it's bound to work once in a while and so does sending out demos to blogs that have reviewed your mates. Wax Futures (they're mates with Beat The Poet by the way, I knew that would niggle at you if I didn't tell you) are a trio from Telford who specialise in the urgent, the desperate and the relentless. Lead track, 'Breadcrumbs', lurches in to life with a circular, almost mechanical riff that makes me want to reach for my Young Knives collection before the vocals kick in and everything becomes much angrier. There's a very British feel to this music with bands like Reuben and Hundred Reasons seeping through despite the obvious At The Drive-In tendencies. 'Histories' is a more arty, considered track with name checks for Romero and Verhoven and the lyric "Just between me and you, I learnt my moves from Terminator 2" appealing to the film geek in all of us. Wax Futures have a tight, punchy sound that is infectious and never more so than on final track, 'Smoke & Mirrors' which has the early 00s post-hardcore scene running right through its bitter, twisted core. As with the majority of bands in this genre, relentless gigging, death defying live shows and endless nights sharing the same sleeping bag await but they have the songs to back it up so it's just a question of whether they have the cajones.

Live dates:

8th June - Midwest West Midlands @ The Wagon & Horses, Birmingham