The Chapman Family - This One's For Love (No More Records) 
The Chapman Family - This One's For Love

Release Date: 3rd June

There is a pleasing propensity for deeper, male voices in the alternative scene these days and The Chapman Family's Kingsley is one of the best examples of this. Such are the velvety depths of this man's voice that you can almost sense the women swooning and the men crossing their legs with a shifty look around the crowded room. But the Chapman Family are not just one voice (nor are they a cult, apparently), rather they are a band of 5 dapper gents from Stockton-On-Tees hell bent on merging the pop grandiose of the Killers with the stomach churning emotion of Nick Cave or the National and then throwing in a dash of Futureheads just for flavour - and they do it so very well. 'This One's For Love' is a hearty slice of indie-pop cake but the cherry on top of said cake is bitter-sweet tone of the lyrics that are hopeful, despairing, pleading and defiant all at once. Just for kicks they've also gone and produced a video which seems to depict what would happen if Mickey Mouse and 4 French mime artists went out on the Lash in 1970s London and got in a fight on a light up dance floor. The Chapman Family seem to have the full package from visuals, the emotional depth and the musical ability - so much so, in fact, that if they were to start a cult I might be sorely tempted to join up.

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Live Dates:

31 May - Scholar Bar, O2 Academy,- Leicester
1 June - The Exchange, Bristol
3 June - The Garage, London
5 June - Little Civic, Wolverhampton
6 June - The Bowery, Sheffield
11 June - Long Division Festival, Wakefield