Jungle - Platoon (Chess Club Records) 
Jungle - Platoon

Release Date: 15th July 2013

You know that feeling when you decide to move clubs at about 2.00am and the combination of fresh air and one too many shots of Jack Daniels means that when you get to the new place you feel about 1.5 seconds out of step with the rest of the world? That moment when  you realise that you're totally dancing to the music but that the music is not keeping time with you? Those times when you'd be blissfully happy if it weren't for the fact that everyone was talking backwards and everything feels approximately 30 cm further away than it should be? Well now those moments have a sountrack and it is the gloriously juddery and funkily stuttering 'Platoon' by Jungle. Chess Club Records, those reliable beasts, have unearthed another gem of a tune with understated but soulful vocals and a melody that sounds like it was created by having George Clinton and Fatboy Slim repeatedly dragged back and forth over a cattle grid. This is pretty much the only tune in the world that could keep time with your staggering version of yourself and help you to fall back in line with the rest of the world - it might just save your life as well as your night. Now it's not out for a while, I realise that, but there is a reason for that - they are only releasing 500 copies of this little beast. So my advice would be to get yourself over to the website below and pre-order a copy.

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