Catfish And The Bottlemen - Homesick (Communion Records) 
Catfish and the Bottlemen - Homesick

Release Date: 17th June

Contradiction. Great word. I overused it in my A-Level English essays but then I got myself an A so I must have used it right well. Catfish and Bottlemen are a beautiful contradiction of a band that I'm finding it hard to ignore. For example, within their microcosm, they have a band name that sounds like a minor character from Neighbours backed by a bunch of unemployed milkmen but they swagger and sneer like Llandudno's answer to the Strokes (finally). This, their debut single, is a punky two minutes and 27 seconds long but features an atmospheric intro, a stadium sized chorus and chunky guitar solo. They sound like Kings of Leon at their peak or the latest offering from the Maccabees but look like the Arctic Monkeys when they just started out or Hot Hot Heat before it all went wrong. Contradiction is a wondrous thing in music though and it's much more exciting to play a song that you have preconceptions about only to have them turned on their head than it is to, say, open up a bag of Skittles only to find that they switched all the flavours and colours around (seriously, who thought that was a good idea? There will be backstage staff in stadia the world over doing their nut about which ones to take out for the headline act). Anyway, I digress, for a single this is a great tune but for a debut single by a bunch of young lads from a small town this is immense. They're touring hard to there's no excuse not to go and see them so get your sweet asses out there and support something genuinely exciting.

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Live dates:

May 31st - Friars Court, Warrington
June 3rd - Barfly, London
June 5th - Victoria Inn, Derby
June 6th - Central Station, Wrexham
June 13th  - 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
June 14th - 53 Degrees, Preston
June 15th - Telford's Warehouse, Chester
June 22nd - The Cockpit, Leeds
July 6th - X & Y Festival, Liverpool
July 21st - Tramlines Festival, Sheffield