The Good Natured - Lovers (Parlaphone)
The Good Natured - Lovers

London, New York, Paris, Munich. Everybody talk about. Pop Muzik. So sang M in 1979 and they weren't wrong. Or right. It's not really a statement is it? Anyway, The Good Natured are emerging from beneath the decaying bodies of X Factor cast offs like the first plant breaking through the post nuclear winter earth. New single 'Lovers' is everything I want in a pop song; it's instant (barely 2 seconds pass and the vocals kick in), it's got attitude, it's infectious and there's an underlying tone of bittersweet heartbreak that every pop fan yearns for. The Good Natured make good on the promise of Ellie Goulding, pick up the mantle of the Long Blondes dancier leanings and aren't afraid to smash Kate Nash in to Tiffany resulting in a cloud of Skittles and synths. Pop kids will love the music, indie kids will love the band, the Brits will love the quality of the songwriting and the Yanks will hail them a new British invasion. Expect this trio to be huge at the summer festivals if we get any sun and expect 'Lovers' to be used under a Match of the Day montage within weeks. Lovers? You will be.

Tour dates:

27th April - Are you Listening? Festival, Reading
28th April - Secret Garden Party