Sea Stacks - The High Tide
Sea Stacks - The High Tide

Davy Berryman is a classically trained flautist from Shropshire who creates, in his own words, Orchestral Indie completely devoid of any guitars or keyboards under the guise of Sea Stacks. On paper I want to hate this. On paper this is potentially the most pretentious thing I have ever opened in my inbox. On paper there is no way I can conceive that I will get along with this. But you can't get paper in to your ears can you? You can't lie back, close your eyes and let paper wash over you while you are transported to a field covered in dew that you are waking up in after pitching your tent late at night only to discover that you have the most awe inspiring view of fresh, verdant countryside.

'The High Tide' is a lush, sumptuous and multi-layered peace of gorgeousness and is simultaneously uplifting and twee beyond your wildest dreams. There are elements of the shyness displayed by David Kitt, the imagination employed by Gilbert and the style of Guillemots. Another intriguing aspect is that this is a song of two halves, with 'The High Tide' making up the first, more traditional aspect of the song before the tumult dissipates to leave you with the subtle ebbing of 'The Low Tide' (see what they did there?). 'The Low Tide' feels orchestral and has no discernible tune for the most part but allows Berryman to show off his vocal abilities with impressive restraint over the top of a plush bed of wind and brass instruments that my GCSE music teacher would be appalled that I can't quite identify (sorry Miss Higgins). Sure, ink and paper can do wondrous things but paper on its own cannot achieve what this music just has. You can wipe your arse on paper though.

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Live dates:

18th April - The Finsbury, London
20th April - Proud Camden, London
26th May - Meadowlands Festival, Lewes
1st June - The Birdcage, Bristol
14th June - The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading
7th July - The Stag, Hampstead, London
20th July - Farr Festival, Hertfordshire