Lion Hall - Rhizomes (Tiny Lights Records)
Lion Hall - Rhizomes EP

Release date: 29th April

Boy-girl duo Lion Hall are a frustrating little outfit. On the one hand, their sparse atmospherics with broad Scottish accented vocals are a chilled out delight. But on the other hand, this EP feels like it might have been a bit rushed. There are obvious (maybe too obvious) connections to be made with the XX which is no bad thing but apart from vocalist Ana's wonderfully lilting burr, there's not a huge amount to make Lion Hall stand out. The opening track of this four track collection, 'Rhizomes', would probably be perfect if used over the top of footage of a bleak pebble beach with an oil refinery in the background but on this EP it just feels like filler and you should never, every start an EP with filler. It's like serving orange juice as a starter, nobody is impressed you've let everyone down at the first hurdle. Thankfully, 'Colour Me' rescues this collection immediately with those aforementioned vocals wafting and weaving over a sparse musical landscape of distant guitars and soft drums. 'Behave' starts promisingly but seems to descend in to a watered down version of Everything But The Girl which is, again, disappointing. The EP finishes up with 'Magnetic Forces' which has a real feeling of mournful loss about it before promising a crescendo but actually only delivering a quick fade out. Like I said, Lion Hall leave me frustrated. I want to put this music on in a dark room and just let it wash over me but it's not quite smooth and seductive enough to properly wallow in. More time and more introspective thinking needed before the next effort in my opinion but I definitely want to hear that next effort.

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25th May - Evolution Emerging Festival