Death In Texas - Oil & The Water
Death In Texas - Oil & The Water

This humble blog recently reviewed an astounding single called 'Fear of the Hundred' by UK based trio Death In Texas that quite frankly blew several pairs of socks in a variety of directions from a selection of appendages. So when follow up single, 'Oil & The Water', popped up in my inbox I was simultaneously excited and nervous - would it match up or prove the band to be a one-song-wonder. They're not, this is another triumph. 'Oil & The Water' is full of dramatic, Rachmaninov-esque piano work and operatic but understated vocals from front-woman Ruth Power as well as jazzy, explorative drumming all woven together with tight, hypnotic bass lines. For musical comparisons then you might as well read my previous review of these guys but all you need to know right now is that these guys have passed my two single test - if a band releases two singles that I love then I will buy the album. So the only question remaining is, where is the album? Huh? Come on guys, stop holding out on us!

Live dates:
20th June - The Rumsey Wells, Norwich