Brightlight City - Start At The End 
Brightlight City - Start At The End

Release Date: 13th May

What do you get when you mix Hard-Fi, Vampire Weekend and Fall Out Boy? Surrey quintet Brightlight City is what you get, and not in a good way. This is classic example of having most of the right ingredients but not having a clue how to put them together to create a dish that's fit for consumption. Sure, the guitars are tight and there is a big, shouty bridge that is obviously designed to get the crowd singing along but everything just needs a bit more effort. The vocals sound too high in the mix, the bass is almost non-existent and the pace of the song just sounds like the moment when you realised that your walkman batteries are starting to run down - the song sounds OK but you always get to the chorus a fraction of a second before the band do.  According to the band's facebook page, they are all involved in projects like ghost hunting and running a radio station - I would suggest that they take some fingers out of those other pies and get back in to the studio to get this sound refined because at the moment it feels rushed, unloved and unfinished. Which is a shame because the cover art for this single is ace. 

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Live dates:

Thursday 2nd May – The New Cross Inn, New Cross
Friday 10th May – Jack Rabbits , Bognor Regis
Saturday 11th May – Scream Lounge, Croydon
Friday 17th May – SINGLE LAUNCH The Workshop, Shoreditch, London
Saturday 18th May – Redfest Comp @ Hobgoblin, Staines
Tuesday 21st May – No Quarter @ NottingHill Arts Club, London
Wednesday 12th June – The Islington, London
Saturday 22nd June – Club Go Go Disco, Bullet Bar, Camden
Saturday 13th July – Rock in the Park, Wantage