Bernaccia - No Club/Hideaway (The Ghoul)
Bernaccia - No Club/Hideaway (The Ghoul)

Release Date - 20th April 2013

Well, well, well. More original output from the Northeast of England, eh? I wonder why the BBC didn't move their Media Conurbation up to Gateshead instead of Salford. Oh well, their loss. Maybe all the extra attention would have killed off the spirit of invention that currently seems to be driving that quarter of our fair isle. Bernaccia, named after an ancient Celtic tribe rather than a knock-off energy tablet, are a rabble-rousing quartet peddling a fair trade in stompy, rhythmic rock'n'roll in the vein of Kasabian, Primal Scream or early Oasis. So far so hum-drum, I hear you say, but hold your horses pop-pickers. These boys, nay men, have a genuine, earthy bluesiness to their music that is more akin to the Black Keys or Alabama 3 and warrants more than a passing interest. The first of these two A-sides is 'No Club' which starts like a blues lament sung by a chain-gang of sleep deprived desperados before kicking in to life as a throbbing, grinding rock'n'roll behemoth which I only imagine gets the crowd good and sweaty at a live show. T'other A-side comes in the form of 'Hideaway (The Ghoul)' and is, in my humble opinion, the stronger of the two tracks. Distorted Harmonica with plenty of delay beckons you in before the swampy, dirty guitars transport to a Louisiana dive bar full of neon, sweat and black magic. There are rough edges to this diamond though as some of the lead guitar work is a bit laboured and the bass could do with turning up a notch. Nonetheless, these are two belting songs and with the confidence they exude you can't expect anything other than big things for these lads.

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20th April - Newcastle University (Single Launch)