Beat The Poet - Kerb Crawling Love (The Animal Farm Label) 
Beat The Poet - Kerb Crawling Love

Release Date: 27th May

BOOM! UGH! SMASH! THUD! That's the sound of Beat The Poet hitting you around the head with their leather clad, testosterone fuelled rock and it feels gooooood. 'Kerb Crawling Love' is the debut single from this hard living trio and it's an absolute belter of a tune about, well, picking up hookers. The drums are relentless, the grinding bass is seductive and the guitar winds around you like the devil leading you in to temptation and delivering you straight to evil. Queens of the Stone Age, Buckcherry, the last couple of Arctic Monkeys albums and even a bit of At The Drive-In all swirls around in this hedonistic soup of rock'n'roll debauchery. Chuck in a huge chorus, just the right balance of arrogance and talent and it's obvious that these guys are on to a good thing. Well worth a listen if you like your music ballsy, heavy and sounding great in your car stereo!

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Live Dates:

8th May - Rattlesnake, London
17th May - The Fishbowl, Brighton (Alternative Escape @ The Great Escape)