Tieranniesaur - DIYSCO (Popical Island)
Tieranniesaur - DIYSCO

Release Date - 5th April 2013

I love a bit of funk, a bit of Disco and a bit of a boogie. Maybe not all the time but in the right environment it can be a beautiful thing and can lift your mood and make you shake your booty. Irish combo Tieranniesaur create something funky and potentially groovesome but there is something lacking in DIYSCO that is really irking me. I could cope with the slightly off-key harmonies or the bass being far too low in the mix or even the fact that at times the song seems to slip slightly out of time, these are all things that can be excused in the pursuit of finding the essence of a great song. But what really doesn't sit well with me is the almost complete lack of interest from the band in their own song. Imagine an 80s Disco diva who has taken being cool and disinterested to such depths that they are actually just bored by everything and that is essentially what this song sounds like. It's a shame because I have a space in my life for an Irish experimental funk-disco-pop combo with some imagination but this just sounds rushed and more throwaway than it deserves to be.  

More information: https://www.facebook.com/pages/tieranniesaur/110975412280662?fref=ts