The Lindsay Tin - They Wear Wolf In London
The Lindsay Tin - They Wear Wolf In London

Release Date: 15th April 2013

With this extended winter we've been having in the UK, we all have to make a decision on whether to ignore it and just get our Summer on regardless of the temperature or just let the weather dictate to us and climb back in to our fur lined onesies and eat custard all day. I've been leaning towards the former for a while but looking at the bleak greyness outside my window, the Lindsay Tin might just sway me back the other way. It's not surprising that a record written in a South Shields attic during the winter has an element of bleakness about it but the richness of 'They Wear Wolf In London' is a pleasantly refreshing jolt. The thudding drums and chugging bass perfectly juxtapose the delicate guitar work and understated vocals to create something akin to the Arcade Fire, Marmaduke Dando or the Little Philistines. This is the earthy claret to winter's beef stew or the mug of tea to the British climate's freshly baked biscuit. That's it, I'm popping my onesie back one and leaving my Bermuda shorts in the cupboard for another month.

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12th April - The Sage, Gateshead (EP Launch with Minotaurs + The Union Choir + Doc Smith)