Orange Room - We Told You Not To Go

Orange Room – We Told You Not To Go 

There is an awful lot about the band Orange Room that shouldn’t work. A band that formed in Melbourne, Australia, and then relocated to Liverpool. Odd. A band that play dark, sinister, Dick Dale-esque guitars but write great songs with catchy chorus lyrics. Weird. A band that sound like they should be rock’n’roll monsters but have a video that suggests they are fairly tame on stage. Huh? A band that play ballsy, bass-in-your-face, indie-rock with a twang but release a single which is essentially advising folk not to go out and drugs so much as its bad for their health. WTF!?!

Having said that, maybe it’s these differences that make Orange Room such an appealing concept and why I’ve had this single on a loop for the past 30 minutes. ‘We Told You Not To Go’ has elements of the Courteeners, Kasabian, Reverend and the Makers and Reef that make it pretty addictive and irresistible. The verses are all hypnotic bass lines and open high-hats while the chorus comes crashing in with swathing guitars and a beautifully sneered vocal. This isn’t ground breaking stuff but the songwriting is polished and the attitude is spot on which is more than half the battle in my book. It’s better than anything the Stereophonics or Oasis have produced in the last 10 years anyway!