Masters In France - Flexin

Masters In France – Flexin’

Release Date: 4th March

I’ve been reviewing a lot of downbeat stuff recently and there’s nothing wrong that but Spring is round the corner and my thoughts are already turning to heaving tents full of people dancing to uplifting tunes. Media Sales executives forgetting their soullessness, office workers rediscovering their personalities and students creating memories that will sustain them when they become office workers or Media Sales executives. These people need a new soundtrack and Masters In France might just be the ones to provide it. ‘Flexin’’ is a slab of bass heavy, synth laden, head bobbing brilliance straight outta the mean streets of North Wales and I defy you to stay static once this tune has kicked in. Despite the fact that the band look like four children’s TV presenters that were fired for doing too many drugs on set, the sound they create is an addictive mix of LCD Soundsystem, Happy Mondays, Hot Chip and Transformer that is sure to be soundtracking a Channel 4 montage before too long. Fearne Cotton’s a fan but don’t let that put you off, check ‘em out.

Live dates:

9th March – The Cookie Jar, Leicester