Bridges - Storming the Palace
Bridges – Storming the Palace

Release Date – 29th March

Seriously, Bristol, give it a rest. You’re becoming a little bit like watching your favourite comedian whilst at that perfect level of drunk. Sure, all the jokes are fantastic and you’re crying with laughter but after a while you’re all laughed out and you just start thinking about getting a kebab on the way home. Right now, Bristol seems to be churning out such a steady stream of fantastic bands (Velcro Hooks and Me, You & Thomas to name but two) that it’s just not funny anymore. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be funny in the first place, but Bristolian trio Bridges are still repeating the joke like your pissed up mate in the pub trying to profit off your jokes (you know who you are). Having formed less than a year ago, they have already carved a niche for themselves in the indie-grunge-pop genre. Ethan Proctor’s articulate and crystal clear vocals coupled with the choppy guitars evoke audio images of Young Knives and long forgotten 90s bands like Livingstone and Honeycrack. There’s a tightness and drive to the music that is reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys material but with a more American West coast vibe that somehow has more sunshine about it than Alex Turner could ever manage. Maybe I’ll hold off on that kebab for now, this joke has legs yet.

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Live Dates:
28th March - Picturehouse, Exeter (Acoustic)
29th March - The Hope, Brighton
1st April - The Dublin Castle, London
2nd April - The Louisiana, Bristol
3rd April - Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
4th April - Moles, Bath
5th April - Arts Centre, Bridgwater