Death In Texas - Fear Of The Hundred

Death In Texas – Fear Of The Hundred (The Animal Farm) 

Do you want to know how to blow all your preconceptions of a band away? Try watching the video for their new single with no sound on and imagining the music. I tried this with Death in Texas’ ‘Fear of the Hundred’ video and couldn’t have been more wrong. I was imagining overproduced Evanescence-esque nu-goth-pop but what I got was a multi-layered, multi-genred slice of alt-pop that I think I may have fallen in love (or lust) with. Opening with a subtle, middle-eastern sound bass line that Boy Hits Car would die for, ‘Fear of the Hundred’ soon grows to be something akin to Regina Spektor providing guest vocals on a Muse track. In fact, bassist Terry Blake channels Chris Wolstenholme beautifully as the track builds to peaks of wild abandon. Completing the line up is Kiwi husband and wife team of singing pianist Ruth Searle and singing drummer Kane Power (what a name!?!) and between the trio they have genuinely stumbled across something special. Searle’s vocal range and versatility would blow Simon Cowell’s mind (please do) and her piano work is simultaneously delicate and impassioned. Meanwhile, Power plays rock drums underneath the Muse-esque basslines and piano riffs flirting with Jazz to create a crescendo of noise and genres. The only thing that troubles me is that I’ve been trying to say Death In Texas in a New Zealand accent for about half an hour to see if I can make it sound like ‘death and taxes’ and now none of those words make sense. No matter, these guys are genuinely exciting and innovative so check out their music and catch them live if you can.

Live Dates:
8th March – Bar So, Northampton
10th March – Rattlesnake Bar, Angel, London
30th March – The Vic, Leicester
5th April – The Watershed, Milton Keynes
6th April – Chill Bar, Ilfracombe
22nd June – Calvert Stock, Ilfracombe