Sound Pressure Level - Getting Off

Sound Pressure Level – Getting Off (UPIA Music)

OK, we’ve got two British Hip-Hop fellas by the names of Soup and Peas. Deep breath. Add to that an X Factor reject in Roxy Yarnold on vocals. Right. That’s that then. Judging this book by its cover there is absolutely no way I’m going to like this....unless....hang on a minute. Get rid of the cover, it does a disservice to this tune. Kicking in with semi-orgasmic groans and some squelchy, sparse electro stabs that Liam Howlett would have killed for back in the day, ‘Getting Off’ is already sounding like a pretty sexy tune.  The slow, lurching beat behind the opening seconds lulls you in to a false sense of security as Yarnold’s vocals wail like an 80s Disco diva trapped in the wrong era. Then the beats kick in properly and the bass starts to grind and throb under some seriously sumptuous vocals with a catchy chorus melody. There’s some rapping about Amy Winehouse and chatting up girls over lunch which is a little weak lyrically but the delivery is spot on. This is dirty, sexy, bassy stuff and is a million times better than pretty much anything on the latest NOW collection – believe me, I’ve had to endure it enough. There is even a cheeky little 90s pop middle eight break down before Yarnold builds that chorus back up and those beats come back in. The song doesn’t finish on enough of a high for me but I bet there’s a 12” mix out there just waiting to set things off in a few clubs. I do love it when the description of an act and what the music is actually like is so totally different and so utterly enjoyable. Like that moment when you pick up a box of cereal thinking it’s Branflakes only to pour it out and discover its Coco Pops! Everybody loves Coco Pops.

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