Beat Mark - Move On

Beat Mark – Move On (Soft Power Records)

Anyone up for a bit of Parisian shoe-gazey indie-pop on limited edition cassette? Oh go on, you know you want to. Good. Right then, wrap your ears round a bit of Beat Mark, the latest additions to the increasingly impressive Soft Power Records release catalogue. This French quartet are carving a niche in the fuzzpop, boy-girl vocals, super-cool genre and lead track ‘Move On’ is the perfect example of this. Lackadaisical drumming, disinterested singing and strained guitar notes give way chunky riffs and wrought guitar screeching as the chorus explodes. The swirling riffs of ‘Between My Teeth’ bring back memories of My Vitriol and Cable mixed with the more obscure of the Scando Indie imports such as Fungus or Grass Show. ‘Boxes’ is a more bouncy, summery number with jangly guitars and a wistful air that stops you dead in your tracks. Beat Mark have the ability to switch between sweet and sour at the flick of a switch and on ‘Declorize’ they take on the mantle from Dinosaur Jr. Or the Pixies in terms of pure fuzz and attitude. These five tracks close with a tense ditty by the name of ‘The Way’. This is real serial killer music and should definitely be soundtracking some lo-fi teen-slasher movie by the time the year is out. This is good stuff and I would thoroughly recommend that you head out and get a copy of this can’t. It’s sold out. It was simply that good. You can track it down on Soundcloud though and I think you should.