Whoanows - Foma

Woahnows – Foma (self release – tape/download only)

OK so maybe I’m a little late to the party with this one (the EP was released back in September) but after hearing the track ‘Go’ on the split single with the PJP band I thought the Woahnows warranted a little further investigation. ‘Go’ is back as the opening track on this five track tape only release (you get a download code with the tape though, don’t worry techno-heads) but if you want to know what I think of that then you’d best read my review of the aforementioned split single, hadn’t you!? Bleeding straight out of ‘Go’ is the furious and unrelenting ‘Collective Asperation’ (sic) which hits you in the face which jerky guitars, distorted vocals and a gang mentality that jars beautifully with the message behind the lyrics. ‘Packets of People’ is so unhinged that you fully expect the wheels to come off at any minute but, thoughtfully, a few moments of calm have been dropped in by the Plymouth trio. Title track ‘Foma’, however, is my peach in this particular fruit salad though with shades of Idlewild, early Biffy, Dananananaykroyd and any number of hardworking American hardcore pop-punk bands. “If this is the life, I’d rather be dead, living to work, living despair”, now there’s a lyric. We’ve all had that feeling haven’t we? It’s a Monday morning after an amazing weekend doing just what you love and thought just drifts in to your head between the bleating of your alarm clock. Those are also the opening lines to EP closer ‘Poor Greedy Poor’ which holds itself up as an anthem for the day jobbers, the day dreamers and those always one day away from packing it all in. All in all, this is a vital set of songs but, as with so much of the stuff I get sent, I don’t think it does the band justice but only the live experience will truly tell so I’m going to keep my eyes out for live shows. See you there?

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