Hollow Giants - Dreams/Fears

Hollow Giants – Dreams/Fears

Two men, one garage, an iPhone and an eight track to record a song on. That’s all you need to make rock’n’roll and even then the iPhone is a luxury! The beauty and simplicity of this song is the imposing urgency coupled with gratifying immediacy created by two guys doing something the utterly believe in. The hypnotic drums keep coming with such relentlessness that you can almost see the concentration on the sticksman’s face as he maintains that ferocious horse galloping rhythm. From somewhere deep inside that rhythmic drumming comes a swirling, fuzzed up guitar line that is dripping in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but also reminds me of Achtung Baby era U2 and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Finally come the vocals, all frustrated restraint and gritted teeth that suggest the garage they recorded this in was mighty cold. Plainly speaking, this is rough around the edges and there are things that could be better but the heart and soul is there for anyone to see. A little like finding a dirty, mangy cat mewling at the bottom of your garden – not much to look at by something in those dark brown eyes tells you to take it in, clean it up and the rewards will be plentiful. There’s your quote – Hollow Giants are like a mangy cat that you should adopt.

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