The Mouse That Ate The Cat - 40 Years From Now

The Mouse That Ate The Cat – 40 Years From Now

Release Date: 26th November

The Scots tend to do indie-pop pretty well don’t they? The Dykeenies were fun and Drive-by Argument is still one of my favourite band names of recent years, so imagine my delight when one member of each of these bands got together to form the deliciously menacing The Mouse That Ate The Cat!? Their new single, ’40 Years From Now’, is a swirling, confusing, disorientating blizzard of electronic bleeps and off-beat drums all wrapped around a warning to those in the prime of their lives who insist on being miserable about every little thing. The lyric of “If you’re unhappy now, how do you think you’ll feel 40 years from now?” is joyous and sobering in equal measure for a man in his early 30s! This is a wonderful slice of pop with a brain, a heart and a healthy dose Scottish realism that makes me think this duo are the precocious little brothers of Idlewild or the cheerier cousins of the Cooper Temple Clause. Essentially, this is ‘When I’m 64’ for the Facebook generation and I can’t work out if that is wondrous or depressing.

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Live dates:
24/11 – The Doghouse, Dundee
25/11 – The Tunnels, Aberdeen
27/11 – P.J. Molloys, Dunfermline
30/11 – Mad Hatters, Inverness
01/12 – The Blackstairs Lounge, Wick
02/12 – Newmarket  Bar, Thurso
07/12 – Electric Circus, Edinburgh
14/12 – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
15/12 – Bakers Niteclub, Kilmarnock