September Girls - Wanting More

September Girls – Wanting More (Matinee Records)

Release Date: 9th November

A little while ago I declared Dublin’s September Girls to be my favourite new band of 2012 and ever since then I’ve been dreading something coming along to make me regret making me such a sweeping assertion. Thank the lord this single does nothing to change my mind although this is a limited 500 copy 7” vinyl release in the U.S. of A. which is mildly annoying. No matter, lead track ‘Wanting More’ is a wall of Phil Spector noise with a sparse quality breaking through the expansive sound. It sounds like how every amazing Indie Disco sounds from the toilets when you have that moment of wanting to sober up so that you can pull your best moves in front of the hot girl/guy in the Veruca Salt T-shirt. Chest rattling bass lines and pounding drums play out under a wall of harmonies and picked guitar lines that all blend in to a crescendo of yearning. Thumping, Beach Boys drums and whiny organ kick in to introduce ‘Hells Bells’ which, ironically, sounds like something Sleigh Bells and Best Coast might have knocked up together after a long weekend of Bourbon and too much sherbet. For me, it’s final track ‘Man Chats’ that is the standout track and boy what a track!? This is where you realise that September Girls aren’t just a group of five mates chancing their arm at being in a band. They live and breathe this music and aren’t about to cow-tow to any trends or popularist views. The drums are like Keith Moon on a particularly confused day, the guitars swirl, the bass throbs and the keys pierce like a lighthouse through dense fog. With labels tripping over themselves to sign these girls up and the Cribs picking them up for support slots in Ireland, everything is looking good for September Girls so get in on the ground floor folks.

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Live Dates:
8th November – The Olympia, Dublin w/The Cribs
9th November – Mandela Hall, Belfast w/The Cribs
24th November – The Pavilion, Cork