Deafkid - Pig/Talk

Deafkid – Pig/Talk

Release Date: 12th November

Deafkid is one of my favourite band names for a while. I mean, it’s still not as good as Ringo Death Starr but then what is? But what is in a name? Well, in this case, Deafkid comprises of Christopher Lockington and Florian Sauvaire playing with a big bag of audio tricks. This double A side single kicks off with the dreamy, Jose Gonzalez-esque landscapes of ‘Talk' which enthrallingly shows of the folky roots of Chris whilst allowing Florian’s French drumming background to flourish with irregular beats and off-kilter rhythms. Both members of Deafkid had a hand in the undeniably brilliant debut offering from Ghostpoet, ‘Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam’, and you can tell that they weren’t just making the tea and fetching the Rizlas. ‘Pig’ kicks in with New Order style mechanical beats before echo-laden, plucked guitar rides over the top like an 80s chat-show introduction. There’s just enough here to stop this from becoming dinner party background music and, after a few listens, new layers reveal themselves. What I like most about these two songs though, apart from the fact that they’re both beefy numbers at around 5 minutes each, is that they have reminded me of some old favourites like Bent and Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra that I really ought to dig out and reacquaint myself with. Deafkid have got some serious skills and I recommend that you give them a listen but I don’t see them breaking any record sale records just yet. Definitely ones to keep an eye and ear on though.

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Live Dates:
10th November – Water Rats, London
6th December – Proud Galleries, Camden