CA Smith - Someone You Love

C. A. Smith – Someone You Love (Throwing Hands/We Are Busy Bodies)

Release Date – 3rd December

C.A. Smith. The Mayor. Christian Anderson Smith. Mayor McCA. The Hamburgler. One of these has not been used as a title for this Canadian songsmith but songsmith is the only moniker that matters. Much like old Folk troubadours, Smith doesn’t necessarily deal in slickness or pitch perfectness but instead he creates heady atmospheres and tells stories over undulant soundscapes. At times Smith explores the same lo-fi backstreets as Beck, E, or David Kitt but then saunters down slacker avenues alongside the likes of Weezer, the Dandy Warhols or Evan Dando. Then again, on ‘Shoot’ here is a one man band outdoing what the two people of White Stripes used to do in their early days. ‘I Wanna Pet’ is a bitter-sweet tale of a man in desperate need of a kitten but who has but two pairs of trousers to his name so can’t support a small feline – a responsible bum if you like. If you’re looking for a slacker waltz then look no further than ‘H4B’ or perhaps you would prefer to wait 3 minutes for the full on rock’n’roll romp of ‘Hey Bloo’.

There is a dry, deadpan humour running through Smith’s songs that make you do an aural double-take which is never more apparent than on ‘Apologize To Your Boyfriend’ and the addictively perky ‘Addicted To Chapstick’ which features some wonderful ukulele and harmonica interplay. The album finishes off with the ever-so-polite ‘Drinkalottawater’ which gives you various tips for a successful life, including “brush your teeth three times a day, make sure you floss ‘em too, say the things you wanna say and do what you do”. It’s not groundbreaking stuff but it’s from the heart, it’s done with a glint in the eye and a wonderful way with words. So, if the music of C.A. Smith was a chap then I would gladly share a bottle of port with it and chat in to the small hours about life, love and loneliness. P.S. It wasn't the Hamburgler.

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