Bow To Each Other - Darling

Bow To Each Other – Darling

Release Date: 22nd November

A Canadian and a Norwegian walk in to a bar in Liverpool.....and the result is Bow To Each Other. Gunhild Kristoffersen and Megan Kovacs (guess which is which) are the duo making music under the appropriately Karate Kid inspired moniker and ‘Darling’ is a slice of late 80s synth pop that is made for the remake of the Lost Boys/Working Girl/anything with Meg Ryan in it. Echoey electronic drums, cheap sounding keys (in a good way) and a wistful Scandinavian vocal make this a joyous tune for that moment when you break up with your summer boyfriend in a trendy bar in Hoxton. Anyone listening to this can’t help but want to reach in to the air, grab some invisible hope and then clutch it to their chest with a pained look upon their face. Just give ‘Darling’ a listen and see if I’m not right.

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Live Dates:
12 December – Kampen Bistro, Oslo
15 December - Litteraturhuset, Oslo