Shout Timber – East India Trading Company

Release date: 29th October 2012

Shout Timber - East India Trading Company
It’s hard to pull off quirky and remain genuinely appealing but that’s exactly what London quartet Shout Timber have done – despite a fairly disappointing band name. These guys mix up the ever popular styles of Vampire Weekend and Bombay Bicycle Club with some Paul Simon catchiness and the kind of hooks that should have them gracing the stage some E4 live event in no time. But then half way through the song they basically go batshit crazy in a way that would make Frank Zappa stop and do a comedy double take. At first I thought I had pressed play on an another tune at the same time but it turns out that Alex, Sam, TJ and Will just decided to let a hippo stroll through the studio during recording and include that as the middle eight. Strangely enough, though, it kinda works. All in all, ‘East India Trading Company’ has some great hooks, a catchy singa-longa chorus and enough musical ingenuity to be considered original. Top that off with a band that comprises of four dapper young gents and you could safely put a fiver on these guys being all over 6Music and XFM in 2013. 

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