Limbo Kids - Wanderlust EP

Limbo Kids – Wanderlust EP

Release Date: 12th November 2012

Oxford’s Limbo Kids are an enigma. On the one hand they have one of the best band names I have come across in a while but there is precious little information about these guys around. All I can glean is that they’re from Oxford, there are at least two of them and one of them is called Mark. But information is overrated, sometimes it’s better to let the music do the talking and this is one of those times. A little bit of slap bass, hand claps, tight rhythms and yearning vocals bring about visions of Hot Chip, Klaxons and LCD Soundsystem. That’s just the opener, ‘Heartshots’, and it’s a belter of an indie-dance anthem in the making. Title track ‘Wanderlust’ is an entirely different affair, however, and this is where the beauty of Limbo Kids comes to light. ‘Wanderlust’ is an altogether more folky and ephemeral affair in the Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fair vein featuring some beautiful Cello and the sort of laboured, dubby beat that Radiohead have been fond of recently. Finally, there is ‘Desire’ which is pure 80s pop mixed in with the Maccabees guitars and a sense of maudlin fun that is pretty infectious. So, looking back at the evidence, what Limbo Kids represent is the perfect BBC 6Music band combining a whole host of sounds in just three tracks. Impressively enough, they manage to pull it off but if they tried to make a whole album this diverse they might be pushing it a little bit on the attention span front. Music for the Ritalin generation, maybe?

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