Kryder Feat. Bo Bruce - Damaged

Kryder feat. Bo Bruce – Damaged

Who fancies some uplifting dance with a lyrical theme centred around a failed relationship? YEAH!? Good then. British dance producer Kryder has created what would pass for a fairly bog standard dance floor filler but the addition of Bruce’s vocal melody and strong chorus pushes ‘Damaged’ towards the Ellie Goulding/Zoe Johnston end of the dance spectrum. Those who watched the Voice (yes, both of you) will recognise Bo Bruce from the final but she is no product of reality TV as she has been pushing at the door of musical success for years now. With the right exposure, I can see this tune being pretty huge but it seems odd to be releasing it at the end of the Ibiza season when it could have been huge in that environment. The other aspect that might work against this song is the weird ass video. It’s all pretty standard dance video fare but the director seems to have an obsession with eyebrows. I mean seriously, check out some of the face fuzz. Weird. Other than that, it’s a catchy, addictive, perky little number. Personally, I’m saving this for the first signs of spring by putting it in a squirrel nest until the leaves turn green again.

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