Big Wave - Only You

Big Wave – Only You (Beautiful Strange Records)

Release Date: 5th November 2012

We here at Listen With Monger (and by we I mean me) are big supporters of new music and, in particular, new music from the Southwest. So when you get sent a new single by a hot new band from Torquay that’s gone all the way up to a fancy PR company and then trickled all the way back down to Exeter it’s beautiful and slightly ironic. Big Wave are just such a band and they have reinvigorated my interest in and passion for Southwest bands. This is the second single from the 5-piece which is being released on 7” and I urge you to get your hands on a copy. A-Side ‘Only You’ is all scratchy indie guitars and awkwardly played guitar melodies like the best of early Long Blondes, Sleeper, Elastica or Belly. This is great female fronted indie-pop that would sound equally perfect on a grey, miserable afternoon in Doncaster or a sunny drive along America’s west coast. Big Wave have the wistful thing down pat and it’s so refreshing to hear something different coming out of Devon. ‘Living Room’ is the B-Side and has an almost Best Coast quality about it which should earn them a few new fans once this is released. All in all I’d say Big Wave have a good chance of garnering a bit of a cult following and I wouldn't be surprised to see them turn up on the bill for an ATP event in the next year or so.

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Live Dates
Single Launch @ Buffalo Bar, London - 28th October w/Hella Better Dancer + The Tuts + Young Romance

Dance of Days Festival, Falmouth - 24th November 

The Old Blue Last, London - 26th November