Films Of Colour – Running

Films Of Colour - Running
Release date: 16th July

There’s no getting around it, Films Of Colour sound a lot like Coldplay. From singer James Clutterbuck’s vocals that could be Chris Martin in a hat to the expansive and semi-uplifting tunes that would not be out of place underneath an inspirational montage in the build up to the Olympics. But before you switch off completely, cast your mind back to when Parachutes came out and everyone thought Coldplay were awesome and beautiful. In a parallel universe, Coldplay took the Films Of Colour route and kept the acoustic fragility whilst eschewing the bright lights of showbiz and becoming more of a band rather than a group of individuals.

New single Running is a broken hearted love song that explores the feeling of knowing your relationship is dead before you are ready to let go of it. There is hope, there is despair, there is a sensation of utter helplessness and raw emotion but most of all there is honesty. Sure, the production quality is high and there are multi-track layers that sometimes threaten to hide any sense of tune but that’s the risk you run when you get in to bed with the big boys (FOC were discovered by Indie-Finder-General Simon Williams who brought us Radiohead and Coldplay amongst others and the band have received the blessing of the Thin White Duke himself). Nevertheless, the quality of the songwriting shines through and this is no fluke as B-Side (remember them?) Creature Of Habit is a more angular but equally tuneful and expansive slice of atmospheric Indie.

Many have trod this path before (Elbow begat Coldplay who begat Keane and so on) but every now and again the music bucks the trend to move back up the scale. Films Of Colour have a real shot at moving in to a bigger arena both metaphorically and literally speaking. 

Live dates

Summer Breeze Festival, Swindon - 14th July 2012