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DEAD COAST - Dead Coast


DEAD COAST – DeadCoast

How do you define analbum? Normally you’d expect around 10 to 12 tracks with a few killers and afair amount of filler. So, when I found out that this offering only contained 6tracks I was sceptical to say the least. Until I pressed play. Opening track KalamaroDream conjures up the sensation of walking in to a smoky dive bar in themid-60s to hear the Doors going through the early stages of creating a newsound. In fact, everything about this first offering from the London based fourpiece is steeped in the sound of West Coast America during that golden era ofmusical exploration. Second track is the slightly livelier Just Don’t GiveYourself although it’s lively in a way that a drunk guy is lively once he’s hada little snooze in the corner and then decides that 2.00am is the perfect timeto go bowling. In The Meadow is an expansive, swaggering western tune thatwould sit nicely over a driving scene in a Tarantino film and if they ever do avideo for Why Are We Still Together? then it absolutely has to feature a sultrytemptress sashaying in to a smoke filled Vegas lounge bar and turning everyhead as she goes.

You have to be prettygood these days if you want to ply your musical trade in a genre that has beenfairly widely explored already but what Dead Coast deal in is the creation ofatmospheres and moods. At times, Italian singer and guitarist Luca Bianci’svocals feel too low in the mix and this was irritating to begin with, but onceyou stop trying to listen to the lyrics and start hearing the sound they arecreating then you will get to the core of what Dead Coast are creating. Theexperience of hearing these songs live will give them even greater impact butsince the smoking ban came in the atmosphere won’t be quite right. Maybe take aflare and set it off in the corner. I’m pretty sure it would be encouraged....