Paul Draper – No Ideas (Kscope) 
Paul Draper - No Ideas

Release Date: Out Now

Paul Draper has always been a bit of a hero of mine ever since I went to see his band of outcasts, Mansun, on tour as my first gig. I’d won tickets from my local record store when I purchased a copy of ‘Stripper Vicar’ and that gig turned me on to the world of indie music and suddenly the 90s opened up for me. Now, Draper is forging a highly respected career as a solo artist and sought after producer which is hugely reassuring – too many Britpop musicians ended up as bar managers, radio sidekicks and marketing executives. ‘No Ideas’, then, is a typically macabre piece of indie which opens with the gloriously bleakly post-modern lyric of “I did a google search for what comes up when I type in that I’ve got no ideas”. As the heart-broken, late night piano rumbles along with all the energy of an old drunk falling asleep on the keys, the song is suddenly injected with some energy and a certain indie swagger. Draper is a master of crafting a complex notion but packaging it up in a neat and accessible indie-pop package with some lovely Richard Hawley guitars and some good, old fashioned 90s squelchy keys. In years to come I think Paul Draper will be cited as a much more important contributor to modern music than he currently gets credit for but then the great artists are rarely appreciated in their time, are they?

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