The Great Escape – Where Do We Go From
The Great Escape - Where Do We Go From Here? 

Release Date: Out Now

Well here’s a tune that will make you think and, if you’ve got a beating heart, probably ache with happiness and sadness. LA based outfit the Great Escape have created a melody that builds in intensity based on a foot stomping beat and some persistently gentle guitar notes. Hanna Leess’s vocal is soft but there’s a steeliness to it as ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ drives forward with the kind of determination you see in people with no option of turning back. The really powerful element, however, is that this song is interspersed with the spoken word accounts of 30 US immigrants that will remind you just how lucky you are and how powerful the human spirit is when faced with fight or flight, stick or twist, do or die. Well worth watching the video too – a message we could all do with hearing and sharing around.

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