Christina Martin – Impossible to Hold
Christina Martin - Impossible to Hold

Release Date: Out Now

Noca Scotian artist Christina Martin pops up from time-to-time just to remind me (and others, I assume) just what an arresting and emotive artist she is. New track ‘Impossible to Hold’ is one of those that just builds so organically and beautifully that you don’t notice the drums and bass join in with the raw guitar and Chrissie Hynde-esque vocals. There’s a timeless quality to this track that is balanced perfectly by Martin twirling and pirouetting around an empty house with a sultry look in her eye and the perfect balance of style and substance. See you again soon Christina….

Live Dates:

12th October – Sanctuary Theatre, Saint John
13th October – Dave’s Rock Emporium, Sackville
20th October – The Dream Café, Penticton
25th October – Village Guitar & Amp Co.
26th October – The Blue Chair, Edmonton
27th October – Gallery House Concerts Society, Calgary
2nd November – Bedford, Nova Scotia
8th November – PEI Brewing Company, Charlottetown
16th November – Sugar Moor Farm, Tatamagouche

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