Tigercats – Perfect Fried Chicken 
Tigercats - Perfect Fried Chicken

Release Date: Out Now

East London is often derided for being the place that soul goes to die in favour of chasing the latest fashion – style over substance gone mad, if you will. So, imagine my surprise (go on, imagine it) when I came across Tigercats and their insanely funky new single ‘Perfect Fried Chicken’. The Tijuana horns blend with the Kalimba sprinkles and desperate indie vocals to make what is not only a truly original sound but also the best song about chicken since the hey day of the mighty MFC Chicken. I’m trying desperately to think of reference points to hook you in but I can’t so just accept that this is ace from its marching band rhythms and 80s guitars right through to that insanely hooky chorus melody played out on improbable instrumentation. Well played Tigercats, well played indeed.

Live Dates:

4th May – The Lexington, London w/Ex-Void
5th May – The Old Abbey Tap, Manchester
6th May – The Library, Oxford