Khaylan – Dancer 

Khaylan - Dancer
Release Date: Out Now

The delicate and dramatic opening to new single ‘Dancer’ from London outfit Khaylan suggests this is going to be a moody affair but the Muse playbook was obviously consulted in the making of this track. The dirty bass and militarily stomping drums are pure Muse while the dramatic keys and guitars speak of Matt Bellamy in a way that is more homage than rip-off. Now, throw in the vocals that veer in to the falsetto from time-to-time and you can’t help but enjoy this if, like me, you’re a fan of the Devon trio minus some of the overblown histrionics. Inspiration aside, this is an accomplished piece with some serious musicianship behind it and a chorus that sticks in your head so it’s worth giving it a spin if that sounds like something that would improve your life.

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