Cecilia Ebba – Breathe Out Breathe In 
Cecilia Ebba - Breath Out Breathe In

Release Date: Out Now

London based artist Cecilia Ebba describes herself as an alternative singer-songwriter which covers a pretty wide remit these days so we’re starting from a pretty broad base here. Nevertheless, ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’ deserves some attention largely due to its dark and brooding underbelly from which is born a Marling-esque slice of folk-noir. Then again, maybe the key here is the lightness of spirit that flits around the chorus balancing out that aforementioned darkness. Or, maybe, it is Ebba’s soothing and haunting voice that holds this all together like a delicate spider’s web made of the finest spun steel – strength and fragility all woven in to one beautiful strand. Actually, I think it is all of this intertwined in one meandering journey through the sunlight dappled woods that eventually opens in to a fresh, untouched and soul-stirring clearing. The stuff of beauty itself.