Alessandro  Ciminata – Rivers EP 
Alessandro Ciminata - Rivers EP

Release Date: Out Now

Although currently plying his trade in London, Alessandro Ciminata originally hails from Biela northern Italy and that accent comes lazily drifting in to this EP like sun through a window on a Sunday afternoon. This three track EP opens with ‘Shadow’ which is as close to prog-folk as I’ve ever heard a solo artist get with meandering guitars, percussion as an afterthought and Ciminata seemingly on a Doors-esque train of thought lyrical journey. ‘Pleasure and Pain’ is a little more indie by numbers but Alessandro’s English lyrics are still a million miles better than anything I could write in Italian so respect is due for that at the very least. The EP closes on ‘Autumn’ which opens as a more traditionally folky number with those oh-so-quiet vocals that put me in mind of David Kitt or Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra and develops in to something more akin to Teenage Fanclub. All in all, I feel like Alessandro Ciminata makes the kind of music that you could kick back and relax to but there’s also a bit of substance behind these tunes as well – like reading a philosophical novel while you dangle your feet in the cool waters of Lake Garda.