The Deadline Shakes - Phonecalls In The Bath (Flowers In The Dustbin Records) 
The Deadline Shakes - Phonecalls In The Bath

Release Date: Out Now

It's been a while since I've had anything to review from Scotland so I was excited to get the new single from Glaswegian gang The Deadline Shakes. From the word go, 'Phonecalls In The Bath' has something different about it from the haunting, almost choral vocal harmonies to the gentle guitars and strings that herald the beginning of the song. Sombre yet smooth lead vocals guide us through a pop influenced but heavy hearted first third of the song that sits well with the likes of Divine Comedy and Belle & Sebastian before this turns in to a good old indie stomper with Motown backing vocals. Teenage Fanclub, Franz Ferdinand and the lighter side of B&S all come out to play as the song bounces along before changing direction for a third time. That's right, this song essentially has three movements all fused together by a melancholy vibe but still manages to retain a glimmer of hope, a morsel of optimism. Truly impressive stuff from this Scottish collective and refreshing to hear a single with so many twists, turns and, well, ideas.

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