Jungle Doctors - Open Up EP 
Jungle Doctors - Open Up EP

This three track EP has made me feel a little dumb tonight because upon first listen I had that feeling where you're convinced you've heard the tunes before. It then dawned on me that this is because I kinda have. The Open Up EP is a line in the sand as it features the band's two recent singles 'Dry' and 'Falling' which are huge, up-tempo indie-pop songs, either one of which should be big hits in a world where the Kooks and the Hoosiers are professional musicians. The track that is new to me here is 'Late' which follows along the same lines with some airy guitars, bouncing beats and a real sense of top down, arms in the air, summer fun that makes this an extremely well timed release. Go get you some finely crafted British indie-pop and blast it out the next time your cruising down the street....or stuck in a traffic jam. Either way, it will make you feel better.
More information: http://www.jungledoctors.com/

Live Dates:

10th May - Brighthelm @ The Great Escape Festival, Brighton

5th July - Blissfields Festival