Walrus - Glam Returns EP (Out Of Sound Records/Poncho Records) 
Walrus - Glam Returns EP

I must be getting to the end of the 'new bands from Canada' list now but the quality is showing no signs of letting up. Halifax trio Walrus are at the psychedelic end of the spectrum albeit with a powerpop bent. Opening shot 'Banger' is, one assumes, an ode to the humble sausage in the form of a song that drifts from dreamy whimsy to pedal to the metal indie-pop with the ease of a schizophrenic changing between personalities. 'Bulash' is more of a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory dream sequence soundtrack with elements of the Flaming Lips and the Super Furry Animals at their most expansive.

EP title track, 'Glam Returns', kicks in like a Beatles inspired Jack Johnson number with delayed vocals, a soft shuffling rhythm and the kind of bass line you would expect a gentle giant of a man to come out with. Final track, 'It's No Myth To Me', is a brooding, menacing piece of psyche rock that hovers in the corner in a dark overcoat waiting for you to leave on your own before it makes its move. Walrus have got chops, there's no doubt about that, but this EP is just lacking that killer hook or melody for me.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/WaWalrus

Live Dates:

22nd March - Gus' Pub, Halifax

28th March - Capital Complex, Fredericton