Tiger Forest Cat - New York New York (No Method Records) 
Tiger Forest Cat - New York New York

Release Date: 3rd February 2014

Canada has had a bit of a grip on this blog for a while but it seems the Swedes are making a sudden move for dominance in some kinda battle of the world's safest countries. Tiger Forest Cat is the stage name of Swede Filip Sundberg and this new single, 'New York New York', is not a cover of the Sinatra staple but is in fact a light, whimsical and floaty piece of dream pop. The strummed acoustic guitar and understated vocals are pure Badly Drawn Boy but there is the addition of some piercing piano notes and a more commercial rhythm section than Mr Gough might employ. Nevertheless, the breeziness of the music mixed with the regret of the lyrics makes this perfect music for a long walk on a beach when you need to mull things over. Mull pop - a new genre for you.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/TigerForestCat?fref=ts